Lois Lowry
ISBN 9780547887203
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.
5 stars
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by Lois Lowry

With Son, Lois Lowry offers a spellbinding finale to her The Giver Quartet, revisiting themes from her earlier titles in surprising, deeply resonant ways.

Son begins in the community of The Giver. Lowry here tells the story of Claire, who was assigned to the role of Birthmother. We meet Claire at age 14 as she is being blindfolded in preparation for giving birth to her first Product. Something goes wrong, and she is "decertified." Claire learns that her Product's number is 36, and the official also lets slip that "he's fine," then corrects herself: "I mean that it's fine." Through Claire's efforts to stay connected to her son, we learn that his name is Gabe, and fans of The Giver will quickly infer that this is also a continuation of Jonas's story.

Claire's pull to her son takes her on a journey that brings all the heroes of Lowry's previous Giver books together. Lowry suggests it takes all of their collective wisdom to overcome their greatest threat. The elders in The Giver and Gathering Blue believed that knowledge should be held by a few for the good of the many. But the people of the community where Claire's son lives know--through painful trial and error--that knowledge shared and freedom of choice can build strength among its citizens. Now they are put to an extreme test. Lois Lowry keeps the suspense mounting until the final pages in this stunning conclusion to her Giver Quartet.

This review first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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