Breathe, Annie, Breathe!
Breathe Annie Breathe
Miranda Kenneally
ISBN 9781402284793
Sourcebooks Fire, 2014.
4 stars
Keywords: friendship grief marathons miranda-kenneally romance sports training

Breathe, Annie, Breathe!
by Miranda Kenneally

In this moving novel from the author of Things I Can't Forget, Annie Winters loses her boyfriend, Kyle, before he can complete Nashville's Music City Marathon. She takes up the challenge herself, as a way to keep Kyle's memory alive, and also discovers a reason to keep going.

Miranda Kenneally smoothly integrates an 18-year-old's feeling of grief and guilt into a plot that will inspire readers who've ever attempted to stay afloat while drowning in feelings of loss. As Annie confronts her sense of guilt about wanting to pursue college and achieve the things that she and her single mother have planned, she also develops an interest in her running coach's brother, Jeremiah. But how can she have loved Kyle and also feel attracted to Jeremiah? And given Jeremiah's obsession with extreme sports, how can Annie get involved with someone so willingly reckless? In evaluating all that's happened since her three-year relationship with Kyle began, Annie must also take responsibility for the friendships and family relationships she's neglected. Her ability to take action with her training also allows her to take constructive steps toward repairing other areas of her life. As a bonus, the author lays out a training schedule that could serve as a model for anyone who's entertained dreams of running a marathon.

Through Annie's slow-building trust in Jeremiah, she comes to realize "[I]f you don't take risks, you can't truly feel." Kenneally creates an inspiring character who grows as strong emotionally as she does physically.

This review first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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