The Doll People
The Doll People
Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, illus. by Brian Selznick
ISBN 9780786812400
Hyperion, 2000.
5 stars
Keywords: adventure ann-martin-and-laura-godwin doll-people dolls family friendship imagination

The Doll People
by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, illus. by Brian Selznick

The Doll family has made their home in the same dollhouse, in the same room of the Palmers’ home, generation after generation, for a whole century. Much may have changes for the Palmers, but little had changed for the Doll family. Well, except for that time about 45 years ago, when Auntie Sarah Doll disappeared. That was on Kate Palmer’s grandmother’s watch. Oh, and there is that annoyingly modern plastic Funcraft family that just moved into Kate’s little sister’s bedroom. For any child who has ever imagined a full and bustling life for their dolls, this book is for her (or him!). Whenever the Palmers are away, the Dolls come to life (they just have to be absolutely sure they go back to exactly where they were the last time they played with the Palmer girls). Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft hatch a plan to find Auntie Sarah, and the fast-paced adventure begins. Your youngsters may never look at their dolls in quite the same way again –especially after viewing them in Brian Selznick’s (see The Invention of Hugo Cabret) illustrations.
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