The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney
ISBN 9780810993136 (only in HC)
Abrams, 2007.
5 stars
Keywords: diaries diary-a-wimpy-kid friendship jeff-kinney middle-school preadolescence sibling-rivalry

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

Author-artist Jeff Kinney plucked up the hero from his popular Web comic (started in 2004) and plunked the boy down in a hardbound “novel in cartoons” that will have your youngsters laughing out loud. As far too many of us know than we’d like to admit, middle school can be a painful experience, and Greg Heffley proves it as he chronicles his sixth-grade year’s ups and (more often) downs. His mother compels him to keep a diary (“Don’t expect me to be all ‘Dear Diary’ this and ‘Dear Diary’ that,” says he), so Greg records each day’s events with an abundance of drawings that offers a comical contrast to his forthright first-person narrative. As Greg ponders the many contradictions of pre-adolescence, he provides good company for those preteens confronting similar experiences. (For instance, weren’t we all just a bit tempted to benefit from our best buddy’s rise to popularity?) One thing’s for certain: Given the choice, we all would have wanted a friend like Greg to accompany us through junior high.
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