All's Faire in Middle School
All's Faire in Middle School
Victoria Jamieson, illus. by Victoria Jamieson
ISBN 9780525429999
Dial Books, 2017.
5 stars
Keywords: 8-12 ages faire-middle-school victoria-jamieson

All's Faire in Middle School
by Victoria Jamieson, illus. by Victoria Jamieson

Navigating middle school is tricky terrain, even under normal circumstances. Imogene (who goes by Impy) is entering middle school for the first time after growing up living in the Florida Renaissance Faire with her annoying little brother and her parents as cast members in the faire. Now that she is old enough to train as a squire, she can’t wait to participate in the jousting, human chess match, and other knightly duties. But first, she has to enter a place more dangerous than a dragon’s lair: middle school. It is not the idyllic place she imagines it to be. It’s filled with mean older kids, locker combinations that are hard to remember, and of course, making new friends. As Impy balances her “at home” identity as a squire in the Florida Renaissance Faire, filled with period costumes and speaking Olde English, she is embarrassed to share this part of her life with her new friends from school. Where does she belong? So, lords and ladies of the land, what are you waiting for? Read ALL’S FAIRE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL by Victoria Jamieson! This graphic novel is filled with a great cast of characters, relatable middle school anxiety, and of course, all the merry fun of a Renaissance Faire! Victoria Jamieson won a Newbery Honor in 2016 for her first graphic novel, ROLLER GIRL. For fans of Raina Telgemeier's Smile, and The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels, All’s Faire in Middle School will be a delight. 

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