The Great Greene Heist
Great Greene Heist
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Varian Johnson
ISBN 9780545525527
Levine/Scholastic, 2014.
4 stars
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The Great Greene Heist
by Varian Johnson

An innovative group of middle graders outsmart a privileged bully in Varian Johnson's (Saving Maddie) funny, intelligent caper involving a Student Council election.

Jackson Greene is still subject to weekly meetings with Principal Kelsey after getting caught breaking into the man's office for the last stunt he pulled. But when Keith Sinclair, a sore loser after the "Blitz at the Fitz"--in which Jackson and Gaby de la Cruz outscored Sinclair's team--slides into the election for president of the Student Council, Jackson cannot sit by and watch Keith fix the voting against Gaby. Keith would strip most of the clubs of their budgets just for spite. The trouble is, Gaby is still upset with Jackson after the "Mid-Day PDA" (a smooch with Keith's significant other--payback by both of them to unscrupulous Keith). So Jackson pulls together a team--including his best friend, Charlie de la Cruz, Gaby's twin--to beat Keith at his own game. And Keith has plenty of enemies that the Greene team can enlist for the cause. Jackson recruits just the right people for his mission, from Hashemi Lariyani, a tech whiz and Star Trek fan, to Victor Cho, who helps bankroll their efforts. Girls come through, too: The Tech Club's Megan Feldman (who's also a beautiful cheerleader) and Gaby prove indispensable at the 11th hour.

This likable group of characters not only delivers a comeuppance to the school bully but also to a principal on the take and his prejudiced senior administrative assistant.

This review first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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