The Time Fetch
Time Fetch
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Amy Herrick
ISBN 9781616202200
Algonquin Young Readers, 2013.
4 ½ stars
Keywords: adventure amy-herrick friendship science suspense time time-fetch winter-solstice

The Time Fetch
by Amy Herrick

Have you ever wondered why hours seem to leak out of the day? Amy Herrick's (The Happiness Code) charming and clever debut children's book offers up an answer: it's because eighth-grader Edward disturbed a Fetch in the middle of December, "a dangerous time."

The Fetch collects the moments you won't miss and disperses them where they're needed. When Edward forgets the rock he was supposed to bring for Mr. Ross's science class, he grabs the nearest one in the backyard of the house he shares with his Aunt Kit. It offers some resistance, but he tears it away. Odd occurrences rise up around this unusual rock. A stranger appears and wants to take it from Edward; a twister spins around him; and his nemesis, Feenix, steals it during science class. Edward has always avoided Danton (a "decent student and Lord of the Inflated Rubber Ball") but accepts Danton's help to reclaim his rock from Feenix. Briget, a mute new girl to the school, also joins in the effort.

Herrick leads the classmates on a fantastical journey, weaving in ideas about the nature of time. Aunt Kit says, "Without time everything would happen at once," and Mr. Ross describes time as the fourth dimension. As the foragers (tiny time gobblers) leak out of the Fetch and multiply, the fabric of the world begins to unravel. Readers will enjoy this adventure featuring a team of unlikely friends with an array of talents--each essential to their mission to restore the Fetch to its proper place.

This review first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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