Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
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Grace Lin
ISBN 9780316114271
Little, Brown , 2009.
Newbery Honor Book; An Al Roker Pick for the Today Show Book Club for Kids
4 ½ stars
Keywords: china family folktales grace-lin storytelling where-mountain-meets-moon

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin

Your youngster will be captivated by these tales within a larger tale. Grace Lin weaves a tapestry of original stories inspired by Chinese folklore into one seamless story of a girl who wishes to change her family’s fortune. Young Minli, which means “quick thinking,” and her parents toil in China’s rice fields all day with little to show for it. Minli’s father has a wealth of stories about the legend of Fruitless Mountain, and the Old Man of the Moon, who holds the answers to even the most difficult of questions. But her mother wishes for more. When Minli spends one of her two coins on a goldfish purported to bring luck, a chain of events commences that leads her far from home and deep into a mysterious world of fish that can talk and dragons that cannot fly. Grace Lin, who began her career as a picture book author and illustrator, creates full-panel full-color artwork of mountain and village scenes for the folktales within Minli’s larger story. In their saturated colors and sheen, the paintings emulate Chinese silkscreens. The lilt of her prose and these jewel-like images make this an ideal read-aloud for the whole family.
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