The Poet's Dog
The Poet's Dog
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Patricia MachLachlan
ISBN 9780062292629
Katherine Tegen Books, 2016.
5 stars
Keywords: 8-12 ages dog patricia-machlachlan

The Poet's Dog
by Patricia MachLachlan

A short little book for anyone who likes poetry and/or dogs. When brother and sister Nickel and Flora get lost in a snowstorm, a dog named Teddy rescues them and takes them back to the cabin of his owner, Sylvan, who is a poet. But Sylvan is nowhere to be found. The dog, Teddy, is the one who tells the story, and the children can hear him speaking to them.


“I understand words, but there are only two who understand me when I speak. Sylvan [the poet] once told me this. 

“Poets and children,” said Sylvan. “We are the same really. When you can’t find a poet, find a child. Remember that.” 

Remember that.” 


Gorgeous, elegant, and heartwarming. This book is perfect to curl up with on a chilly night.

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