T. Rex Time Machine
T. Rex Time Machine
Jared Chapman
ISBN 9781452161549
Chronicle Books, 2018.
5 stars
Keywords: 4-7 ages jared-chapman rex-time-machine

T. Rex Time Machine
by Jared Chapman

Two hungry T. Rex Dinosaurs?


A time machine?


What could possibly go wrong??


When two hungry dinosaurs travel from the age of the dinosaurs to the future in a time machine, the time machine lands in the drive through lane of a fast-food restaurant called “Burger Town.” The dinosaurs are amazed by all the food that can be found everywhere! As they chorus: “THE FOOD COMES TO US!” The T. Rexes go on a jaunt around town, scaring the townspeople (unintentionally) while eating everything from pizza to noodles. When the police show up to arrest the dinosaurs, they scatter, running through a donut festival and back to the “magic egg,” (aka, the time machine). While inside the time machine, they can’t figure out a way to travel back to their own time, and the green dinosaur wails, “I didn’t get a donut!” What they don’t know is that the time machine is voice activated. The time machine says, “I didn’t quite get that. Did you say… ‘I want to dance with King Tut’?”


Do the dinosaurs make it home? Or are the great pyramids in their future…


T. Rex Time Machine by author/illustrator Jared Chapman is a hilarious picture book that will leave you hungry for french fries and donuts--and more dinosaur adventures! Jared Chapman’s illustrations are eye-catching and the humor is for children and adult readers alike. Some of Chpaman’s clients include Walt Disney Television Animation, Nick Jr., Nike, McSweeney’s, Hallmark, Jib Jab, and Mudpuppy. 

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