Steve, Raised by Wolves
Steve, Raised by Wolves
Jared Chapman
ISBN 9780316253901,
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2015.
5 stars
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Steve, Raised by Wolves
by Jared Chapman

Steve’s favorite activities include wrestling, hunting, and chasing campers. Steve was also raised by wolves.


And his idyllic existence is one day shaken up when his mother, a mama wolf, drags him all the way through the forest to the bus stop. His mom says,

“It’s not easy to get along with humans but just be yourself. I know you’ll have a great day.” The reader then sees a very disgruntled Steve on the bus.


Steve did not have a great day. He howled and growled, shredded banners and tore down posters. And he gave everyone fleas, which is never a great way to start off school.


Steve brings home a note from his teacher…


“Mrs. Wolf,

Steve had a hard time staying out of trouble today.


Mrs. Meadows.”


But the next day was no different. Between marking his territory under the playground on the slide, burying his teacher’s laptop, and drinking out of the toilet, Steve was not trying to get along with the other humans. He was so much trouble that Mrs. Meadows has to visit the wolf den.


But when the class pet, a hamster named Reggie, goes missing, Steve’s wolf instincts kick in and he tracks Reggie down just by smelling the ground. Hooray! Steve saves the day.


When he brings home a note from Mrs. Meadows that day, it’s a good one.


Jared Chapman’s story may resonate with many students (and parents!) who are hesitant about going to school. Thankfully, (we hope) your children haven’t been raised by wolves!

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