Say Hello to Zorro!
Say Hello to Zorro
Carter Goodrich
ISBN 9781416938934
Simon & Schuster, 2011.
4 ½ stars
Keywords: carter-goodrich change dogs family friendship humor new-siblings pets say-hello-to

Say Hello to Zorro!
by Carter Goodrich

Mister Bud is the beloved family dog—until a stranger arrives. What child has not felt a disruption in his or her routine? A new sibling joins the family, a new kid moves into the neighborhood, or another kid horns in on his or her best friend. These situations all require major adjustments.

Like us, Mister Bud is a creature of habit. Zorro, the new arrival, is his opposite in every way. Mister Bud is large; Zorro is small (but feisty). Mister Bud has dark fur on his body and light fur on his face; Zorro is a tan-furred pug with mask-like dark markings on his face. Together they make a comical pair, especially when they make up and join forces to track Slim, the neighborhood cat, and nap back to back.

By introducing a new dog into Mister Bud’s safe, comfortable routine, author and artist Carter Goodrich proves—with a great deal of humor—that all of us, following Mister Bud’s lead, can make changes. Whether your child is adjusting to a new pet, a new sibling or just looking for a laugh, this book will quickly become a favorite.

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