Millions of Cats
Millions of Cats
Wanda Gág
ISBN 9780399233159
Coward McCann/Penguin, 1928.
Newbery Honor Book
5 stars
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Millions of Cats
by Wanda Gág

Whether your child loves cats or rhythmic, rhyming language, or both, he or she will clamor for repeated readings of this classic by fine artist Wanda Gág. A very old man and a very old woman were lonely. “If we only had a cat!” sighs the woman, “a sweet little fluffy cat.” So her husband heads out in search of a cat the couple can call their own. “He climbed over the sunny hills. He trudged through the cool valleys.” Finally, he comes to a hill “quite covered with cats.” And here begins the book’s refrain: “Hundreds of cats,/ Thousands of cats,/ Millions and billions and trillions of cats.” Just when the man falls for an all-white cat, he sees a black-and-white cat that’s “just as pretty as the first.” Before you know it, he’s leading home a parade of cats that fills the rolling hills in a double-page spread (again, to that refrain that children just love to say: “Hundreds of cats,/ Thousands of cats…”). When the man gets home, his wife is concerned about how to care for them all properly, with enough food and drink for so many cats. So they ask the cats to decide: “Which one of you is the prettiest?” the couple asks. After a great row, the man and woman fear the cats have all gone, but to their surprise, one remains. Quietly suggesting the strength of humility, this simple story will be a favorite with your youngsters.
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