Love Is My Favorite Thing
Love Is My Favorite Thing
Emma Chichester Clark, illus. by Emma Chichester Clark
ISBN 978-0399175039
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2015.
5 stars
Keywords: ages-4-7 day dogs emma-chichester-clark funny-books-for-kids kids-lit love love-is-my-favorite-thing nancy-paulsen-books picture-books plum-dog plummie

Love Is My Favorite Thing
by Emma Chichester Clark, illus. by Emma Chichester Clark

Pick up a copy of Love Is My Favorite Thing. Read it in your most adorable dog voice. Take the book home. Read it to your dog. Then let your dog read it to you. This Valentine’s Day, let Plummie do the talking. Plum (Emma Chichester Clark’s dog) is a “whoosell” or a whippet, poodle, and Jack Russell cross. And Plummie just LOVES love! In fact, she is the one telling the story in this book. She especially loves it when Emma and Rupert, her family, tell her “You are a very good girl, Plummie.” But will Plummie always be loved, even when she chases other dogs, jumps in water, and grabbing toddlers’ melting ice creams in the park?  This is a story of one slightly naughty dog who is loved unconditionally. A perfect read for your children to laugh and giggle as Plum REALLY tries to be a good dog, and inevitably, creates a lot of mayhem (and love) along the way. 


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