Mitchell's License
Mitchell's License
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Hallie Durand, illus. by Tony Fucile
ISBN 9780763644963
Candlewick, 2011.
5 stars
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Mitchell's License
by Hallie Durand, illus. by Tony Fucile

Is your child’s bedtime the most challenging part of your day? Are you faced each night with, “one more story” (we can only hope), “I need a glass of water” or the classic, “But I’m not tired”? This book offers a brilliant solution: Just drive Dad to bed.

Mitchell is three years, nine months, and five days old when he gets his “Remote-Control Dad Driver’s License.” Boy, does he look proud. The car (Mitchell’s father) stands placidly by as Mitchell inspects the tires (prods Dad’s foot), checks the engine (pats Dad’s belly) and hops into the driver’s seat (perches on his father’s shoulders).  The humor arises from Mitchell’s high-octane energy in contrast to Dad’s straight-man demeanor--even when his boy drives him into a wall (“BONK!”).  Car and driver meet up with Mom in two-way traffic, and the only time the car breaks character is when Mitchell claims they need gas (a cookie). This is not only an ideal read-aloud, it’s the kind of book that sets you in motion, improvising all along the way.

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