Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats
Dog and Bear Tricks and Treats
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Laura Vaccaro Seeger
ISBN 9781596436329
Neal Porter/Roaring Brook, 2014.
5 stars
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Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats
by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Best friends Dog and Bear are up to their usual shenanigans--this time with a Halloween theme.

In the first of three interconnected tales, as the two pals try on potential costumes, Bear discovers the mirror. Caldecott Honor artist Laura Vaccaro Seeger (Green) portrays Bear initially surprised ("Oh, hello," Bear says to the mirror), then delighted ("Oh, my," he cries while doing a handstand in front of the mirror). Next Bear needs a reality check: "Dog, Dog! Come quickly!" Dog sheds his full Merlin regalia (complete with star-studded pointy hat and cape) and affirms once more why he's the perfect buddy for Bear. Young readers will adore "Ding Dong," the second caper, in which Dog completely misconstrues the concept of costumed visitors' refrain: "Trick or Treat?" And what costumes Seeger depicts! Pumpkinheads, one-eyed and green-antennaed aliens, and a mummy. Even novice readers will know that Dog's mistake may well be in his favor. Dog and Bear get the last laugh in the third story, when Ghost tells them they can't have a treat because they're not in costume.

Once again, Seeger proves she's a master of minimalism, allowing the barest of text and abundant white space to keep the focus on the two friends and the words and concepts young readers are acquiring. This is all treat.

This review first appeared in
Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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