We Don't Eat Our Classmates
We Don't Eat Our Classmates
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Ryan T. Higgins
ISBN 9781368003551
Disney-Hyperion , 2018.
5 stars
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We Don't Eat Our Classmates
by Ryan T. Higgins

Meet Penelope Rex, the newest member of your kindergarten class. She’s a little nervous about the first day of school, just like any regular kid. She has a new lunch box decorated with ponies (because ponies are delicious), and her dad has packed her 300 tuna fish sandwiches and one apple juice. But when she gets to school, there’s one thing she didn’t count on about her classmates: they are children!


“So she ate them. Because children are delicious.”


Oh, did I mention—Penelope is a little T-Rex dinosaur! Thankfully, Ms. Noodleman the kindergarten teacher makes Penelope spit her classmates out.


But it is hard to fit in and make friends when your classmates are scared of you. On the second day of school, Penelope tries really hard, but it’s just so hard to resist eating little children because they are just so delicious.


As Penelope’s dad tells her, “You see, Penelope, children are the same as us on the inside. Just tastier.”


Finally, Penelope gets a little taste of her own medicine when she meets a goldfish named Walter and realizes it is not fun being someone else’s snack.


Seriously clever, adorable, and laugh-out-loud funny, throw in Higgins’ irresistible illustrations, and you will find yourself reading WE DON’T EAT OUR CLASSMATES again and again.




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