You Are My Baby: Garden
You Are My Baby: Garden
Lorena Siminovich
ISBN 9781452126494
Chronicle, 2014.
4 ½ stars
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You Are My Baby: Garden
by Lorena Siminovich

As she did with farm animals, Lorena Siminovich now takes toddlers through a garden, introducing them to five inhabitants that make it thrive.

Birds "sing a happy song"; bees "help our sweet flowers grow." In each picture, the mother appears on the right, and looks lovingly toward her little one. The babies appear inside a tiny cut-out book within the book on thick cardboard pages, sturdily attached along the spine. Beautiful background patterns in a spring palette contrast with treetops and plant roots, and help children unite each bird, spider or squirrel with its hatchling, spiderling or kit. Other hints help: completing the extension of a tree branch or the outline of a spider web, and matching the colors of a bird's feathers or a snail's shell. Each creature makes a sound that's fun to say ("La-la-chirp!" sings the bluebird hatchling; "Dillydally!" says the snail). A bonus feature allows children two chances to unite the bee family (the front cover and the last page).

Soon toddlers will be saying the names of all the inhabitants of the garden or nearby park. Also releasing this month with a cast of whales, fish, seahorses and more: You Are My Baby: Ocean.
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