You Are My Baby: Farm
You Are My Baby_Farm
Lorena Siminovich
ISBN 9781452106434
Chronicle Books, 2013.
5 stars
Keywords: animals babies-and-mothers farm lorena-siminovich puzzles you-are-my-farm

You Are My Baby: Farm
by Lorena Siminovich

This ingeniously designed book-within-a-book introduces babies and toddlers to five different animals as they match the animal offspring with its mother. 

"You have a curly, pink tail," a mother pig says. "You are my baby, little piglet." The piglet responds, "Oink! Oink!" In each picture, the mother appears on the right, and looks lovingly at her little one. The animal babies appear inside a tiny cut-out book within the book, sturdily attached along the back cover. Children can see that the piglet belongs with the mother pig by their pink skin, matching curly tails, and the unified green-checked plot of grass.

On each page, the text mentions one animal trait, the sound it makes, and a distinctive setting that gives youngest children clues to match the mama to her baby. They can play with the book like a visual puzzle, then chime in on "Moo! Moo!" as they start to recognize the animal that makes that sound. A little chick on a bed of straw, a lamb in a pasture, and a foal in a wheat field makes each animal's setting easy to distinguish from the others. The highly textured collage illustrations will keep children coming back, as little hands practice turning the thick pages until each baby finds its mother, and all is well on the farm.

Also available in this format: You Are My Baby: Safari.
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