Walk the Dog: A Parade of Pooches from A to Z
Walk the Dog
Bob Barner
ISBN 9780811877251
Chronicle Books, 2010.
4 stars
Keywords: alphabet board-books bob-barner concept-books dogs pets walk-a-parade-pooches-from-a-to-z

Walk the Dog: A Parade of Pooches from A to Z
by Bob Barner

What could be better than a march of canines from Airedale to Zwergpinscher? Exotic breeds appear alongside the more familiar bulldogs, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds (of course), German Shepherds and Old English Sheepdogs. Youngest dog lovers can use this sturdy oversize board book as a guide from stroller level or while observing these playful creatures from a park bench. Bob Barner paints these portraits with broad strokes, emphasizing the markings of a Rottweiler (“Growl, Growl”) and the poofy tail of a Toy Poodle. As they “run, run,” “lick, lick,” and “sniff, sniff,” these four-legged heroes will have their youngest fans reciting their ABCs in no time. 

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