Leslie Patricelli
ISBN 9780763663223
Candlewick, 2014.
4 ½ stars
Keywords: babies body-parts concept-book interactive-board-books leslie-patricelli tickle toddlers

by Leslie Patricelli

The adorable toddler star of this board book claims, "I am NOT ticklish!" But then the Tickle Monster arrives and proves the little hero wrong. The child, with one curl on his or her head, and sporting diapers, gets chased in an S-shaped path across the page ("Weeee! Eeek! Ahhh!"). Caught ("Gotcha!"), the toddler again proclaims, "I am NOT ticklish!" But as the Tickle Monster (Dad) tickles his baby's legs and feet, the child must admit a vulnerability to laughter when touched in these spots. A glee-filled two-page spread labels all the body parts of the baby that elicit a grin when tickled. Soon, Mom, the dog and the cat all join into the tickle-fest. Patricelli uses her acrylics like pastels, and the thick black outline makes the toddler narrator easy to see against brightly colored backdrops. This joyful book will certainly inspire a tickling frenzy for the entire family.
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