The Three Bears
The Three Bears
Byron Barton
ISBN 9780694009985
HarperCollins, 1991.
5 stars
Keywords: bears byron-barton fairy-tales three-bears

The Three Bears
by Byron Barton

With bold, broad brush strokes and the bare essence of the story line, this board book version serves as the perfect introduction to the classic tale of Goldilocks as a gentle interloper in the home of the three bears. Your youngsters will memorize the simple verse in no time and join in as Papa, Mama and Baby Bear exclaim in turn about the evidence of an apparent uninvited visitor. Barton adds a few of his own touches: when Goldilocks sits in Papa’s and Mama’s chairs, their chairs rock “too fast” and “too slow,” but Baby Bear’s “rocked just right.” Your keen-eyed readers will also enjoy detecting a trail of flowers that the golden-haired girl leaves throughout the house.

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