Thank You and Good Night
Thank You and Good Night
Patrick McDonnell
ISBN 9780316338011
Little Brown, 2015.
5 stars
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Thank You and Good Night
by Patrick McDonnell


McDonnell’s newest book is perfect to put your little one to sleep. It accurately illustrates the excitement before going to bed with three stuffed animals. Clement the rabbit is putting on his pajamas when Jean the elephant and Alan Alexander the bear show up for a surprise pajama party! Clement’s pajamas have blue and white stripes, Jean’s pajamas have feet in them, and Alan Alexander’s pajamas are a little too big. When it is finally time for bed, Maggie, the little girl that Clement belongs to, reads the three pajama party animals a story, and then asks them, “Now before we go to sleep, let’s all say what we were thankful for this day.”  


Thank You and Good Night is a great book to help you and your child reflect on the positive things that happened during the day, and there is even a list to help you get started. All of this can be done while your child snuggles with a favorite stuffed animal.


McDonnell’s illustrations are delightful and pint sized in this little book, with a palette of blues, yellows and pinks done in soothing watercolors. 

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