Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever
Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever
Richard Scarry
ISBN 9780449819012
Golden Books/Random House, 2013.
4 ½ stars
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Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever
by Richard Scarry

A little bunny named Frannie leads toddlers through her busy day, naming all the things in her daily routine. At bedtime, her father reads her a story about Mr. Paint Pig, who introduces youngsters to a range of colors during his workday.

First published in separate picture books in 1976 (Early Words; Richard Scarry's Color Book), Richard Scarry's illustrations in this new board book format look as fresh today as they did nearly 30 years ago. Clear labels and plenty of white space help youngest children begin to recognize words that will give them a way to describe their own daily activities. One line of text opens up a host of vocabulary words. "I brush my teeth when I get up" leads to "sink," "toothpaste" and "toothbrush," among other helpful words. Frannie has a bug companion that accompanies her on her way, and children will enjoy discovering the small green critter in each illustration.

Daddy's bedtime story about Mr. Paint Pig begins with a question, "What is he going to do with all these different colors?" Each illustration shows a paint can filled with the featured color in the upper left corner with its name (e.g. "blue"). "Mr. Paint Pig starts to paint the boat blue... but he falls into the water," reads the text. "What color is the water?" And look, there's Frannie's bug companion in a little blue rowboat nearby. This one is sure to be a favorite with toddlers any time of day.
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