Quick Duck!
Quick Duck
Mary Murphy
ISBN 9780763660222
Candlewick, 2013.
4 stars
Keywords: ducklings family language mary-murphy nature pond-life prepositions quick

Quick Duck!
by Mary Murphy

A duckling's solo journey ends happily with a family reunion in this cheerful board book.

Along the way, the feathered hero gets words of encouragement: "Quick, Duck! Out of the mud!/ Quick, Duck! Under the hedge!" As the duckling traces a muddy path around the flowers, down the hill and through the reeds, Mary Murphy (I Kissed the Baby!) delivers a simple lesson on prepositions. Her thick black outline around the golden duckling makes the web-footed hero stand out against the pondside habitat until mother duck and three duckling siblings spur on the little hero one last time ("Quick, Duck! We're ready to go!). Just right for preschoolers on the go.
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