Press Here
Press Here
Hervé Tullet
ISBN 9780811879545
Handprint/Chronicle, 2011.
5 stars
Keywords: colors concepts counting design gravity interaction press-here tullet

Press Here
by Hervé Tullet

This book is truly one for all ages. You can start reading it with your toddler, but then it will make the rounds with every member of your family and all of your friends. You can’t help but put your finger on the yellow dot and “press here,” like the cover tells you to--even though you know it won’t make a bit of difference. And it doesn’t stop there.

The first page, with one yellow dot in the middle of a white background, says, “Ready?” Touching the dot adds another dot, so the next page shows two. If, on the following page (which shows three dots), you rub the left dot “gently,” it turns red on the next page. Each action appears to inspire a reaction in the book. At one point, after quite a few dots have collected in the illustrations, you tilt the book to the left, and the next page shows all the dots clustered at the left-hand side of the page; then when you tilt the book to the right, they seem to “roll” to the right side of the book. Just the response your child would see on certain electronic devices. The narrator-coach even encourages us (“Well done!”). Good thing this perfect square book has rounded corners and strong laminated pages. This is one that will be passed around at every family and social gathering.

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