Polar Bear Night
Polar Bear Night
Lauren Thompson, illus. by Stephen Savage
ISBN 9780545485586
Cartwheel/Scholastic, 2013.
A New York Times Best Illustrated Book; A Charlotte Zolotow Honor Award Winner
5 stars
Keywords: bedtime family friends independence lauren-thompson polar-bear-night polar-bears

Polar Bear Night
by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Stephen Savage

A polar bear cub's blossoming curiosity leads her on a solo nighttime expedition while her mother sleeps: "Quietly the little cub creeps across the snow, watching, listening."

This exploration of newfound independence makes an ideal board book edition. Padded covers and rounded edges accentuate the roundness of the cub in Stephen Savage's bold illustrations in midnight hues. His gently curved animals' shapes--a walrus, a seal, a whale--convey a soft, safe world the cub can roam until she's ready to go home and curl up next to her sleeping mother. The polar bear cub learns it's okay to go exploring--mother will still be there waiting for her.
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