Pete's a Pizza
Pete's a Pizza
William Steig
ISBN 9780060527549
Michael di Capua/ HarperCollins, 1998.
5 stars
Keywords: a-pizza games imagination william-steig

Pete's a Pizza
by William Steig

What’s a child to do on a rainy day? After the boy hero’s father sees his child’s crestfallen expression when he can’t go out and play with his friends, the man decides to take matters into his own hands. Literally. He turns his boy, Pete, into a pizza! First, he rolls Pete out on the table, then places (paper) pepperoni on him, and tosses him into the air (much to Pete’s mother’s chagrin). By the time the “pizza” is finished, the sun is out, and Pete (now returned to a boy), can go on with his day as planned. This engaging board book acts almost like a recipe in how to play the game, one that your youngster will want to repeat over and over again.

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