Owl Babies
Owl Babies
Martin Waddell, illus. by Patrick Benson
ISBN 9781564029652
Candlewick, 1992.
5 stars
Keywords: family martin-waddell owl-babies separation-anxiety siblings

Owl Babies
by Martin Waddell, illus. by Patrick Benson

For children struggling with separation anxiety, this tale of three baby owls will give them great comfort. Sarah, Percy, and Bill are three owl babies who live with their Owl Mother. “One night they woke up and their Owl Mother was gone.” The older owlets understand where she’s gone: “ ‘I think she’s gone hunting,’ said Sarah. ‘To get us our food!’ said Percy.” But Bill, the youngest, does not: “I want my mommy!” says Bill. Even though his siblings try to console him, Bill just repeats, “I want my mommy!” But after the three owlets make a wish that their Owl Mother would come home, “She came. Soft and silent.” No matter how many times Mom goes away and comes back, it’s always reassuring to hear that she will return—time after time after time.

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