One Blue Fish
One Blue Fish
Charles Reasoner
ISBN 9781416996729
Little Simon/Simon & Schuster, 2010.
5 stars
Keywords: animals charles-reasoner colors concept-books counting numbers one-blue-fish

One Blue Fish
by Charles Reasoner

Your toddler will learn numbers, colors, and animal names with this clever, colorful board book. As they lift each numeral-shaped flap, little fingers reveal the corresponding number of creatures. The word “one” appears on the left, the numeral “1” on the right. When your toddler looks beneath the “1,” a “blue fish” is there waiting. Under the numeral “2,” your child will discover a pair of “white swans,” their bodies following the curve of the “2” that hides them. When your toddler lifts the 7-shaped page, the “seven pink worms” seem to be burrowing into the mud-brown background of the 7’s hat. The plump dough-y letters and confetti-bright colors make this book feel like a counting party from one to 10! 

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