Matthew Van Fleet
ISBN 9781442494251
Paula Wiseman/S&S, 2013.
5 stars
Keywords: animals board-books concept-books eating interactive-books matthew-van-fleet

by Matthew Van Fleet

With just 14 short, funny pages and a few pull tabs, Matthew Van Fleet's (Heads; Tails) indestructible board book introduces toddlers to a wide range of animals--and their mouths.

"Goat mouth bearded,/ Tamarin mouth mustached,/ Pig mouth hiccups,/ Hyena mouth laughs!" the story starts. Tamarin pulls on Goat's beard; wide-eyed Pig hiccups in response to Hyena, as if in fright.

Every tab serves a purpose. One pulls apart the jaws of a "hungry alligator" devouring an apple off of a branch; another tab pull reveals a pouch full of fish for a pelican ("Stork mouth narrow,/ Catfish mouth wide,/ Pelican mouth holds a lot inside!"). A tab for a "Busy biting beaver mouth--buzz, buzz, buzz!" creates friction that causes the "buzz" sound of the animal's woodcarving teeth. The final spread even works in a couple of opposites: "Happy bear mouth smiling,/ Grumpy pig mouth pouts,/ Quiet mouse mouth whispers,/ Loud hippo mouth SHOUTS! THE END!" From start to finish, this book built for resilience will please toddlers over and over again.
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