Moving Blocks
Moving Blocks
Yusuke Yonezu
ISBN 9789888240708
Minedition, 2015.
5 stars
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Moving Blocks
by Yusuke Yonezu

Illustrations of primary and secondary colored blocks in geometric shapes teach toddlers about the possibilities of play and imagination.

A child gets the answer to the question posed on every spread by turning the page; a die-cut opening reveals the answer. "What are you building? What can it be?" appears on a two-page spread of what resembles a puzzle. Small red squares, yellow rectangles and blue circles in thick black outlines appear within the white frame of the double-page spread. With a turn of the page, children learn "It's a car." Sound effects ("Beep, beep!") provide an additional clue. The image of a vehicle, camouflaged on the previous page by the surrounding blocks, now appears starkly outlined against a white background. Children will flip the page back and forth to see how the die-cut in the page at first hides the car, then reveals it. A bus, a train, a ship, a plane and an out-of-this-world surprise all take shape through Yusuke Yonezu's (We Love Each Other) deceptively simple configurations of triangles, rectangles and circles.

Yonezu leaves children with a question--"What else can you build?"--reinforcing the idea that imagination is infinite, and the possibilities for play endless.

This review first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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