Mouse’s First Day of School
Mouse's First Day of School
Lauren Thompson, illus. by Buket Erdogan
ISBN 9781416994763
Little Simon/Simon & Schuster, 2003.
4 stars
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Mouse’s First Day of School
by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Buket Erdogan

“One bright morning, Mouse found a hiding place… that took him to a brand-new space.” That is the opening of this colorful and comforting new board book edition about finding many familiar things that make an unfamiliar place feel more welcoming.


Mouse finds a “hiding place” deep in a pocket of a dark red backpack, and it’s not until the final page that Mouse learns what that destination “brand-new space” is. Each new spread offers a clue, and your preschooler will delight in guessing what kind of place would stock “one, two, three, four blocks!” in bright yellow, blue, lime green and apple-red, plus paints, crayons and puzzles. Sound effects abound: “Vrim, vrum, vroom/ a car!”—just big enough for Mouse to sit inside. When Mouse goes exploring up on the shelf, what does the diminutive hero discover but “A, B, C books!” and, back on the ground, a cradle filled with “Blinky, cuddly, curly dolls!” Just when Mouse gets hungry, there are “Sssip, slurp, crunch snacks!” Even with all of this stimulation of the senses, the author writes, “Wiggly, giggly, best of all friends!” The artist depicts those friends as a boy and girl—and we see that the girl sports the backpack “hiding place” that started off Mouse’s adventure in the first place. Mouse is never identified as a boy or a girl, so every child can see themselves in the furry gray hero. This will quickly become a naptime and bedtime favorite, sure to smooth over any first-day-at-school (or preschool) jitters.

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