This Little Hamster
This Little Hamster
Kass Reich
ISBN 9781459804104
Orca, 2013.
3 ½ stars
Keywords: animals colors concepts humor kass-reich this-little-hamster

This Little Hamster
by Kass Reich

The adorable furry heroes from Hamsters Holding Hands return. After counting up to 10 in their debut, the fuzzy friends now teach toddlers about colors.

Little hamsters like items in blue ("a sofa, a net and a silly tutu"), red ("a hat, a cherry and a spool of thread") and pink ("They have cupcakes, a wand and something to drink") plus six other colors. The text here may not offer as much of a story line as the hamsters' first adventure, but the silly, playful rhymes and Kass Reich's humorous corresponding images will make learning colors an enjoyable task for toddlers. 
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