Little Chick
Little Chick
Lauren Thompson, illus. by John Butler
ISBN 9781442493117
Little Simon/S&S, 2014.
4 stars
Keywords: animals family independence lauren-thompson little-chick

Little Chick
by Lauren Thompson, illus. by John Butler

The wee little chick of the title does not want to be the littlest, and goes about outdoing its siblings. 

Lauren Thompson's (Mouse's First Day of School; Polar Bear Night) board books tap into just what toddlers think about and what they experience. John Butler's realistic illustrations depict chicks downy enough to touch, yet their eyes and postures convey intelligent creatures capable of thoughts and feelings. He shows the plucky hero hatching last: "This wee little chick was the littlest little chick." When the "nanny goat tall" tells the little chick, "My, you're so tiny!" The feathered hero marches to the top of a haystack ("But the wee little chick stood tallest of them all!"). In response to the "plump piglet pink" remarking on the chick's "tiny little peep," the plucky hero "peeped the loudest of them all!" To each seemingly belittling remark, the little chick rises to the challenge and proves the animals wrong.  Mama Hen has the last word, telling the taunters, "Tut, tut, tut! She's my wee little chick and she's just big enough!" Toddlers will treasure an ending that pronounces little chick is just fine as is, and also the closing scene of "all the little chicks snuggled close to Mama for "a wee little sleep."
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