I Kissed the Baby!
I Kissed the Baby!
Mary Murphy
ISBN 9780763624439
Candlewick, 2003.
5 stars
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I Kissed the Baby!
by Mary Murphy

You can feel the infectious joy that a newborn baby brings as you read this board book with your little one. “I saw the baby! Did you see the baby?” a fish asks. Well, yes, of course! As each creature asks the next if they've sung to the baby, tickled the baby, and, of course, kissed the baby, you can't help yourself--you just have to do the same with your own beloved little one. The high-contrast black-and-white artwork, with just a stripe of color, keeps even youngest eyes fixed on the pages (except for fits of tickling and cuddling). On the final page, the title brand-spanking-new duckling appears in a burst of golden feathers against a black background, as the mother duck kisses her “own amazing baby.”  The sound effects and interactive play make this a celebration in book form.
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