Hoot and Peep
Hoot and Peep
Lita Judge, illus. by Lita Judge
ISBN 9780525428374
Dial Books, 2016.
5 stars
Keywords: ages-0-3 bedtime-story hoot-and-peep lita-judge

Hoot and Peep
by Lita Judge, illus. by Lita Judge

“Schweeepty peep!” 

This is the noise a little owl named Peep makes. Her older brother, Hoot, is much wiser. Here, he imparts his only wisdom.

“‘No, no, no! It goes like this, Peeps. First, we are owls. We say Hooo. Second, we ALWAYS say Hooo. Lastly, we ONLY say Hooo'.” 

Peep just can’t seem to get the hang of it. She peeps, coos, and echoes the ringing bell, “ding dong bong!” Hoot seems to be stuck in his ways: “The problem with Peep, thought Hoot, is she wont listen to my owly wisdom.” Peep thinks that Hoot’s problem is that “he doesn’t believe in singing about the mystery of things.”

Lita Judge’s absolutely adorable illustrations and cute owl calls will fill your heart, and will have your child making owl noises before bedtime. Hoot and Peep is a sibling story, but is a great book for any little one. It is the perfect read to demonstrate teamwork, cooperation, and considering others points of view, even from a young age! 

Will Hoot learn to love Peep’s singing? And will Peep ever act like a true owl? Pick up this book to find out. 

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