Hide and Seek Harry: Around the House
Hide and Seek Harry Around the House
Kenny Harrison
ISBN 9780763666026
Candlewick, 2014.
4 stars
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Hide and Seek Harry: Around the House
by Kenny Harrison

For the boy and girl narrator of this charming board book, Harry the hippo is their best friend.

"Hide-and-seek is always on his mind," they tell us. The humor arises from the fact that Harry's size makes it hard for him to find a proper hiding place. Youngest children will laugh at the fellow attempting to disguise himself next to some houseplants in the living room, under bubbles in the tub, and beneath the kitchen cupboards. Kenny Harrison leaves telltale clues for young readers (Harry's scrub brush tail, large black eyes, and hefty gray body). Images of Harry attempting to camouflage himself by the doghouse and atop a tree branch will especially induce giggles.

The final line taps into a truth all toddlers can recognize: "Harry likes to hide..." (the hippo closes his eyes as if not seeing the children means that the children cannot see him) "but he loves to be found!" The closing image depicts a happy reunion with Harry, the boy and girl narrator and also the dog. Hide and Seek Harry: At the Beach is also available.
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