Olivier Dunrea
ISBN 9780618747917
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2002.
5 stars
Keywords: friendship gossie olivier-dunrea sharing

by Olivier Dunrea

What toddler does not have a special something that he or she cannot live without? Gossie is a small yellow gosling who loves to wear her bright red boots everywhere she goes. “She wears them when she eats. She wears them when she sleeps.” But one morning she wakes up to find her bright red boots gone! Gossie’s search takes her high and low, hither and yon, until she finally finds them – on someone else’s feet! That’s how Gossie meets Gertie, a fellow yellow gosling. A fast friendship forms, and in the companion book, Gossie and Gertie (ISBN 9780618747931, Board Book edition), your youngsters get to watch Gossie in her red boots and Gertie in her blue boots as they take turns playing follow the leader. Soon your children will be following in Gossie and Gertie’s footsteps, playing their own version of the game.

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