The Going to Bed Book
Going to Bed Book
Sandra Boynton
ISBN 9781442454095
Little Simon/S&S, 2012.
4 ½ stars
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The Going to Bed Book
by Sandra Boynton

Forget “Rock-a-bye, baby, on the treetops,” Sandra Boynton gently rocks these animal babies to sleep on the waves.

“The sun has set not long ago,” the board book bedtime tale begins. A lion perches on the boat’s roof. A rhino, hippo, elephant, moose, bear, bunny, dog and cat hang out on deck, and a pig pokes its snout through a porthole. “Now everybody goes below to take a bath in one big tub/ with soap all over—scrub scrub scrub!” As the creatures “find pajamas, big and small,” children will chuckle at the sight of the dog in too-tiny pajamas, while the bunny looks like he’s swimming in pjs the right size for the dog. But this group exudes togetherness. After bathing in a giant tub, they next gather at the sink to brush their teeth together.

Boynton, in signature style, then flips toddlers’ expectations topsy-turvy. After taking a bath, putting on pjs and brushing their teeth, “when the moon is on the rise,…” just when you think they’re off to bed, they all go up on deck… “to exercise!” Who lifts barbells before bed? Never fear, now tuckered out, the animals file below deck and finally go to sleep. Boynton gets just the right blend of humor and calm. No wonder this bedtime book is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
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