Caroline Jayne Church
ISBN 9780545350822
Scholastic, 2013.
4 stars
Keywords: board-books caroline-jayne-church games interactive-play

by Caroline Jayne Church

The button embedded on the upper right corner of this board book sounds exactly like a toddler laughing. "Laugh out loud/ or just giggle!" the book begins. "Feel a tickle in your middle!" A child holds his or her belly while laughing, and parents and caregivers won't be able to resist tickling their toddlers. Other activities modeled by the diverse characters include touching toes, wiggling noses and making silly faces.

A die-cut hole in the pages allows the giggle button to show through on every page. No matter how down you might feel, a push of this button is guaranteed to bring you out of the doldrums. The text inside will inspire activities between you and the toddler in your life. Great choice to bring about a laugh fest.
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