Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle Pack
Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle Pack
Roger Priddy
ISBN 9780312507978
Priddy Books/St. Martin’s Press, 2010.
4 stars
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Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle Pack
by Roger Priddy

How I wish there were more cloth books like Fuzzy Bee and Friends! The bold black stripes that frame the pages make the book easy for your baby’s eyes to see, and one fact about the little creature on each page gives your baby just enough information to absorb. On the first page, a small red bug creates a contrast against a large green leaf: “It’s not an ant, a snail, or slug./ It’s a spotty, dotty ladybug!” On the opposite page, your baby gets to see what a snail looks like: “Keep moving snail, you’re really slow./ You’ve got a long, long way to go.” The text even makes a foray into early wordplay: “Don’t be fooled by a scary name,/ this dragonfly is really tame.” The cloth pages make a gentle crackly sound, and the back cover recaps all six new “friends.” 

Squishy Turtle and Friends, also included in this transparent portable “pack,” makes a sturdy board book. Bold stripes also outline these pages, which highlight underwater creatures. My favorite spread stars a trio of fish swimming off to your baby’s left (“Little fish with shiny scales are fleeing from alarming whales”), while on the right-hand page, a whale really does pursue the gilled pals: “A lake’s too small for the whale to roam, that’s why he calls the sea his home.” Other favorites such as a crab, seahorse and octopus (nine sea creatures in all) inhabit the saltwater setting. This makes a terrific gift, or a great addition to your backseat library.
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