Food Hide and Sneak
Food Hide and Sneak
Bastien Contraire
ISBN 9780714877235
Phaidon Press, 2017.
5 stars
Keywords: ages-0-3 bastien-contraire board-book food-hide-and-sneak

Food Hide and Sneak
by Bastien Contraire

Bastien Contraire’s Hide and Sneak series of board books has a new addition: Food Hide and Sneak! Illustrated in bright shades of watermelon pink and watermelon-rind green, each page has a hidden secret. A visual game of hide and seek for babies and toddlers, on every page, Contraire sneaks in an item that “does not belong.” Perhaps there’s a sneaky umbrella hiding in a line-up of ice cream cones, or a ladybug hiding among rows of fruit. With its clean layout and stylistic design, you’ll be looking twice to find the item that’s hiding sneakily among its counterparts. A great first book for toddlers learning to read visual differences in illustrations.

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