Daytime Nighttime
Daytime Nighttime
William Low
ISBN 9781627791724
Henry Holt/Macmillan, 2015.
4 stars
Keywords: animals birds butterflies daytime-nighttime flowers insects moonlight sunlight william-low

Daytime Nighttime
by William Low

An array of familiar creatures appears on the pages of this luminous board book, as the scenes move from sunup to moonrise.

"What do you see in the daytime?" the book begins, and the first half of the book answers that question. A girl stands in a field of zinnias, wearing a pink top that matches the flower petals. "Butterflies" alight on the flowers, and a monarch appears close up. "Robins" come next; one robin pulls up a worm as sunlight floods the scene. Bumblebees, grasshoppers, beavers, rabbits and puppies follow -- each shown in the foreground as the sun moves westward, with one word and one image per page. The phrase "...and the sun!" completes the daytime scenes; the sun sets over a flock of geese settling near a pond. The second half of the book answers the question, "What do you see at nighttime?" The same girl captures "fireflies" in a jar in the dark. Owls, frogs and raccoons populate the evening pages. The penultimate spread depicts the girl with her Teddy bear and, in the closing image, bats circle the full moon. Low works in digital media that approximates thickly applied oil paints. The sunlight and moonlight illuminate each composition.

In its brevity, the book invites abundant conversation. What else do we see in the sunlight? After dark? In the pictures for which the geese and bats go unnamed, the child can name them. And of course, the book's end at bedtime helps youngsters follow the heroine's example.
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