Crinkle Animals: Farm
Crinkle Animals Farm
Guido van Genechten
ISBN 9781605370835
Clavis, 2011.
4 stars
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Crinkle Animals: Farm
by Guido van Genechten

Here’s a great book for newborns: A cloth book that crinkles when babies touch, roll over or chew on the pages, and then can be thrown in the washing machine (in cold water). The book pictures a goat, cow, sheep, cat, chicken and pig with wide eyes that seem to stare back at your baby. The contrast between the animals’ pastel colors and bold black outlines makes it easy for your baby’s eyes to see the creatures clearly. As you go through each page together, naming the animal and the sound it makes, your baby will enjoy crunching the pages in his or her tiny hands. The companion book is Crinkle Animals: Garden.

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