Xavier Deneux
ISBN 9781452117263
Handprint/Chronicle Books, 2013.
4 ½ stars
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by Xavier Deneux

Part of a new Touch Think Learn series by Xavier Deneux, Colors appeals to all of the senses of toddlers just starting to understand the world around them.

The bear on the cover, with a splash of red and green, on a yellow palette-shaped cutout, appears inside the book (all cleaned up) for the color "brown." Deneux uses a raised surface and its matching cutout--which fits the two pages together like puzzle pieces--to exploit each learning opportunity. "Red" shows an apple, slightly popped from the page on the left; on the right, children see the inside of the apple and its seeds, slightly indented into the page and set against a red background. "Orange" doubles as the fruit (on the right) and a sunset (on the left); a bird seen up close, perched atop the fruit, and from afar, flying into the sunset, gives children a sense of relative sizes. One fun surprise is a submarine on the left that fits snugly inside the outline of a whale on the right, for "blue." Thick pages are easy for smallest fingers to hold, and rounded corners make even rough play safe.

It's a book that toddlers will come to increasingly appreciate the more information they acquire through experience. Opposites (9781452117256)--such as a lion "caged" and "free"--is releasing simultaneously. Both books will lead youngsters to notice their world more closely and also to affirm their observations.
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