Butterfly Colors and Counting
Butterfly Colors and Counting
Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Shennen Bersani
ISBN 9781570918995
Charlesbridge, 2013.
4 ½ stars
Keywords: butterflies butterfly-colors-and-counting colors concept-books counting jerry-pallotta nature

Butterfly Colors and Counting
by Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Shennen Bersani

Toddlers count from one red butterfly (a Tachyris zarinda), which dominates an entire page, to 10 pink-tipped clearwing satyr butterflies fluttering in a tropical setting in this aesthetically pleasing board book.

Each page focuses on a color familiar to young learners, alongside the number of butterflies on the page printed as both a word and as a numeral. The back cover identifies each of the butterfly varieties. The counting may be simple, but the butterflies are exotic (e.g., the male great Mormon, for "black"; amethyst hairstreak, for "purple"; Orion, for "brown"). Realistic watercolor renderings make the butterflies look as if they will float from the pages. Toddlers will welcome the chance to hone their colors and numbers; older siblings may well be inspired to learn more about these unusual butterflies.
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