Blue Hat, Green Hat
Blue Hat, Green Hat
Sandra Boynton
ISBN 9780671493202
Little Simon / Simon & Schuster, 1984.
4 ½ stars
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Blue Hat, Green Hat
by Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton’s wide-eyed characters seem to perfectly emulate toddlers who are just trying to figure out how things work. Here an elephant, moose, bear cub and turkey try on various articles of clothing in blue, green, red, and yellow (okay, and purple socks make an appearance, too). On the first page, the elephant sports a blue hat, the moose wears a green hat, the bear cub covers its head in red, and… the turkey stands inside a yellow hat. The text reads, “Blue hat, green hat, red hat, oops.” On the next spread, the elephant wears a red shirt, the bear a blue one, the moose yellow, and the turkey puts a green shirt over his legs (“Red shirt, blue shirt, yellow shirt, oops”). Boynton plugs into the humor on every page while changing around the colors so that youngest children can learn them. When the turkey finally gets all the clothes on in their proper spot, what does he do but jump in the pool! “Oops.”
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