Bears in Beds
Bears in Beds
Shirley Parenteau, illus. by David Walker
ISBN 9780763670986
Candlewick, 2014.
4 stars
Keywords: bears-beds bedtime concept-books counting rhymes shirley-parenteau

Bears in Beds
by Shirley Parenteau, illus. by David Walker

Big Brown Bear takes care of four smaller bears with love and patience at day's end.

Gentle rhymes and soothing, sherbet-colored artwork will put toddlers at ease and help them sleep soundly. "Five empty beds/ are waiting there./ It's time to sleep./ Where are the bears?" the book begins. Children will love pointing out the details in repeated readings. Big Brown Bear climbs into the biggest bed, for instance. Yellow Bear gets into the small bed next to Big Brown Bear's, where a blanket hangs from the baseboard (Yellow Bear uses it as a cape). Fuzzy, a bear who's cotton-candy pink, "swirls into bed/ with a twirly flair!" After Big Brown Bear "untangle[s]" Calico and Floppy Bear, he kisses the four little ones goodnight, and they climb into their beds.

A "whoosh" and a "rattle" under the chair (the goosepimply sounds show up in the art as shadows) wake all the bears, and Big Brown Bear invites the cubs to "snuggle close" in his "one big bed." Little ones will sleep tight thanks to these bedtime bears.
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