Liesbet Slegers
ISBN 9781605370927
Clavis, 2011.
4 stars
Keywords: bathing concept-books daily-routine family liesbet-slegers

by Liesbet Slegers

What baby doesn’t love a bath? This charming book helps your little ones name all the parts of their bathtime routine. As the water fills the tub, the toddler hero says, “Look, I am taking off all my clothes! I am ready for a bath now.” He puts soap on the washcloth, Mom washes his hair, and he makes “little waves” with a toy boat. Your youngster will recognize all the familiar phases of taking a bath. The best part is when Mommy or Daddy wraps up baby in a “warm and cuddly” towel.

A companion board book, Playing, helps put a name to blocks, balls, and (best of all) books.

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